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2018 Brownlow Medal Betting Guide: All Major Betting Markets Previewed

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The votes are final, the brownlow is decided tomorrow and most importantly all betting markets are now up. Throughout the season I have worked on a Brownlow Medal Predictor  where I predicted brownlow votes in the same 3, 2, 1 format and tried to cast my votes through an umpires eyes. I have looked through all of the best Brownlow markets and chosen my bets based on the Brownlow Predictor.

Remember these votes are just predictions and the umpires may see the game differently, gamble responsibly.



Most Team Votes

Note: for most votes in each team category I have written a post with most team votes and a most team votes multi which you can find here.

Leader after round 5

The Predictor has this as a close 3-5 way go. Nat Fyfe is favourite with the bookies at $2.75 with Tom Mitchell at $3.50 and Dustin Martin at $3.75. We think Steele Sidebottom and Rory Laird are good smokies at $11 and $13.

Player Team R1-5 Total
Steele Sidebottom Collingwood 9
Rory Laird Adelaide 9
Nat Fyfe Fremantle 9
Tom Mitchell Hawthorn 8
Dustin Martin Richmond 8
Andrew Gaff West Coast 7
Stephen Coniglio GWS 7
Jack Macrae Bulldogs 6
Dyson Heppell Essendon 6
Jesse Hogan Melbourne 6

Bet on the Leader after Round 5 at:

BetEasy Ladbrokes

Leader After Round 6

We have two clear leaders here in Tom Mitchell and Rory Laird. Tom Mitchell is raging favourite with the bookies at $1.75 while Rory Laird is a juicy $21. Maybe back both and hope for Rory to poll well in the early rounds.

Player Team R1-6 Total
Rory Laird Adelaide 12
Tom Mitchell Hawthorn 11
Steele Sidebottom Collingwood 9
Nat Fyfe Fremantle 9
Dustin Martin Richmond 9
Andrew Gaff West Coast 9
Jack Macrae Bulldogs 9
Stephen Coniglio GWS 7
Bryce Gibbs Adelaide 7
Adam Treloar Collingwood 7

Bet on the Leader after Round 6 at:


Leader After Round 10

The bookies have Nat Fyfe as a clear leader in this market at $1.55. Tom Mitchell is at $5.50 and Jack Macrae is $5.00. Love the $41 you can get for both Gaff and Laird. Rory Laird had the best start to a season of his entire career although he tails off towards the end of the season, read about it here.

Player Team R1-10 Total
Andrew Gaff West Coast 17
Jack Macrae Bulldogs 17
Rory Laird Adelaide 16
Tom Mitchell Hawthorn 15
Nat Fyfe Fremantle 13
Steele Sidebottom Collingwood 12
Josh Kennedy Sydney 11
Clayton Oliver Melbourne 11
Dustin Martin Richmond 10

Bet on the Leader after Round 10 at:

BetEasy Ladbrokes

Player Handicaps

We have this market as a four way go between Andrew Gaff ($12), Tom Mitchell ($10), Josh Kennedy ($12) and Steele Sidebotom ($12).

Player Ladbrokes HCAP Total Ladbrokes Hcap Total
Andrew Gaff 10 28 38
Tom Mitchell 0 37 37
Josh Kennedy (syd) 11.5 25 36.5
Steele Sidebottom 12.5 24 36.5
Rory Laird 11.5 23 34.5
Dayne Beams 7 25 32
Stephen Coniglio 11.5 20 31.5
Gary Ablett 12.5 19 31.5
Clayton Oliver 8 23 31
Jack Macrae 8 22 30
Elliot Yeo 9 17 26
Patrick Cripps 4 21 25
Dyson Heppell 9 16 25
Dustin Martin 3.5 21 24.5
Nat Fyfe 9 15 24
Patrick Dangerfield 7.5 16 23.5
Shaun Higgins 10.5 12 22.5
Max Gawn 4 13 17
Brodie Grundy 7 10 17

Bet on the Ladbrokes Handicap at:


Most Votes Round 15-23

BetEasy have a couple of end of season markets, the first one is most votes from round 15-23. We have dayne Beams and Tom Mitchell the two clear leaders in this market. Dayne is $2.60 and Tom is $6.00.

Player Team R15-23 Total
Dayne Beams Brisbane 17
Tom Mitchell Hawthorn 16
Matt Crouch Adelaide 13
Clayton Oliver Melbourne 12
Stephen Coniglio GWS 11
Lachie Whitfield GWS 11
Max Gawn Melbourne 11
Tim Kelly Geelong 11
Dustin Martin Richmond 10
Patrick Cripps Carlton 10
Angus Brayshaw Melbourne 10
Zach Merrett Essendon 10
Taylor Adams Collingwood 10

Bet on Most Votes Round 15-23 at:


Most Votes Round 18-23

Most Votes Round 18-23 is being offered at BetEasy. We have Tom Mitchell on top in this one but only narrowly over Beams and Crouch then a host of players on 8 votes. Mitchell is at $7.00 in this market and might be worth a little dabble.

Player Team R18-23 Total
Tom Mitchell Hawthorn 10
Dayne Beams Brisbane 9
Matt Crouch Adelaide 9
Clayton Oliver Melbourne 8
Stephen Coniglio GWS 8
Lachie Whitfield GWS 8
Tim Kelly Geelong 8
Dustin Martin Richmond 8
Brodie Grundy Collingwood 8
Tom Hawkins Geelong 8

Bet on Most Votes Round 18-23 at:


Ladbrokes Groups

In the Group A and B at Ladbrokes we have a couple of clear leaders. Steele Sidebottom is leading Group A on 24 votes and is paying $5.50. Steele Sidebottom’s ability to win this group will largely depend on how many votes the umpires give to Brodie Grundy throughout the year. In Group B we have Dayne Beams on to by 3 votes over Jack Macrae, Beams is paying $2.20 in this group.

Group A Our Total Odds
Steele Sidebottom 24
Gary Ablett 19
Patrick Dangerfield 16
Joel Selwood 13
Shaun Higgins 12
Brodie Grundy 10
Group B
Our Total Odds
Dayne Beams 25
Jack Macrae 22
Stephen Coniglio 20
Elliot Yeo 17
Lachie Neale 16
Dyson Heppell 16

Bet on the Ladbrokes Groups at:


Team to poll Most Votes

Team Totals is being offered at both BetEasy and Ladbrokes, we have Collingwood on top narrowly over Geelong and West Coast, Collingwood are paying $3.75.

Team Totals

Team Total
Collingwood 93
Geelong 90
West Coast 90
Hawthorn 85
Melbourne 85
Sydney 81
Richmond 77
GWS 76
Adelaide 71
Essendon 66
Port Adelaide 66
North Melbourne 65
Fremantle 54
Bulldogs 53
Brisbane 49
Carlton 36
St Kilda 33
Gold Coast 18

Bet on the Team Totals at:

BetEasy Ladbrokes

Team Totals with BetEasy Handicap

When the BetEasy handicap is added we have a different look to the Team Totals leaderboard, we have Sydney, North and Collingwood as the top 3 in a very tight go. Sydney are paying $13.00, North are also at $13.00 with Collingwood at $10.00.

Team HCAP Beteasy Hcap
Sydney 20.5 101.5
North Melbourne 34.5 99.5
Collingwood 4.5 97.5
Adelaide 24.5 95.5
Geelong 5 95
GWS 18 94
Bulldogs 40 93
West Coast 2.5 92.5
Hawthorn 6 91
Port Adelaide 25 91
St Kilda 58 91
Fremantle 34.5 88.5
Brisbane 39.5 88.5
Essendon 22 88
Carlton 51.5 87.5
Richmond 9.5 86.5
Melbourne 0 85
Gold Coast 60 78

Bet on the Team Hcap Totals at:


How Many Players to Poll Bands

10+ Vote Market

This market is for the amount of players to poll 10+ votes, the Brownlow Predictor has exactly 42 players to poll 10+ votes. We also have 6 players on 9 votes so I expect this to be in the 40-45 range.

15+ Vote Market

The predictor has exactly 25 players with 15+ votes, with 2 players on 14 votes. So I’ll be taking the 21+ market at Beteasy for $5/1.

20+ Vote Market

The predictor has exactly 11 players on 20+ votes so I expect the 20+ vote getters to be 9-11+

1+ vote getters

We have 185 players polling at least 1 vote.

Bet on the Band Markets at:


Player Head 2 Heads

To determine our Player Head to Head predictions see the Brownlow Medal Predictor below to see how many votes we predict each player to receive. 

The Brownlow Medal Predictor 2018

PlayerTeamR1-5 TotalTotal
Tom MitchellHawthorn837
Andrew GaffWest Coast728
Dayne BeamsBrisbane225
Josh KennedySydney325
Steele SidebottomCollingwood924
Clayton OliverMelbourne423
Rory LairdAdelaide923
Jack MacraeBulldogs622
Dustin MartinRichmond821
Patrick CrippsCarlton421
Stephen ConiglioGWS720
Angus BrayshawMelbourne019
Gary AblettGeelong519
Kane LambertRichmond519
Zach MerrettEssendon019
Elliot YeoWest Coast317
Jake LloydSydney117
Dyson HeppellEssendon616
Lachie NealeFremantle116
Lachie WhitfieldGWS216
Patrick DangerfieldGeelong216
Jack ReddenWest Coast015
Josh KellyGWS115
Matt CrouchAdelaide115
Nat FyfeFremantle915
Bryce GibbsAdelaide514
Scott PendleburyCollingwood114
Joel SelwoodGeelong513
Max GawnMelbourne113
Tim KellyGeelong113
Devon SmithEssendon012
Jaegar O'MearaHawthorn412
Luke ParkerSydney412
Ollie WinesPort Adelaide312
Shaun HigginsNorth Melbourne312
Adam TreloarCollingwood410
Ben CunningtonNorth Melbourne310
Brodie GrundyCollingwood210
Jesse HoganMelbourne610
Taylor AdamsCollingwood010
Tom HawkinsGeelong010
Trent CotchinRichmond310
David ZaharakisEssendon09
Jarred PolecPort Adelaide19
Josh CaddyRichmond09
Lance FranklinSydney49
Robbie GrayPort Adelaide49
Sebastian RossSt Kilda29
Ben BrownNorth Melbourne58
Chad WingardPort Adelaide08
Dayne ZorkoBrisbane08
Issac HeeneySydney08
Jack DarlingWest Coast08
Jack StevenSt Kilda38
Lachie HunterBulldogs38
Liam ShielsHawthorn38
Kade SimpsonCarlton17
Marcus BontempelliBulldogs07
Sam MenegolaGeelong27
Tom PhillipsCollingwood17
Callan WardGWS36
Jack RiewoldtRichmond16
James SicilyHawthorn06
Jarrad WaiteNorth Melbourne26
Jordan De GoeyCollingwood06
Luke BreustHawthorn26
Michael WaltersFremantle56
Mitch DuncanGeelong06
Tom RockliffPort Adelaide06
Connor BlakelyFremantle25
David MundyFremantle15
Ed LangdonFremantle05
Jack SteeleSt Kilda05
Jade GreshamSt Kilda05
Justin WesthoffPort Adelaide35
Luke ShueyWest Coast05
Nathan JonesMelbourne15
Shane EdwardsRichmond05
Shannon HurnWest Coast35
Stefan MartinBrisbane35
Travis BoakPort Adelaide25
Brayden FioriniGold Coast34
David SwallowGold Coast34
Ed CurnowCarlton14
Isaac SmithHawthorn04
Jack CrispCollingwood24
Jack GunstonHawthorn04
Jack ZiebellNorth Melbourne04
James HarmesMelbourne04
Jeremy CameronGWS24
Josh DunkleyBulldogs04
Luke DahlhausBulldogs24
Paul AhernNorth Melbourne04
Rory AtkinsAdelaide24
Scott ThompsonNorth Melbourne14
Alex WitherdenBrisbane03
Ben JacobsNorth Melbourne03
Ben McEvoyHawthorn03
Ben RonkeSydney03
Blake AcresSt Kilda33
Brad EbertPort Adelaide03
Brandon ParfittGeelong33
Brett DeledioGWS33
Chris MastenWest Coast33
David MyersEssendon03
Dion PrestiaRichmond03
Dom SheedWest Coast33
Dylan ShielGWS03
Jack VineyMelbourne03
Jarrod WittsGold Coast13
Jarryd LyonsGold Coast33
Jayden StephensonCollingwood03
Jed AndersonNorth Melbourne03
Josh JenkinsAdelaide03
Josh KennedyWest Coast03
Luke McDonaldNorth Melbourne03
Matt De BoerGWS03
Reece ConcaRichmond13
Rory SloaneAdelaide03
Sam GrayPort Adelaide23
Toby McLeanBulldogs03
Tom LynchAdelaide33
Trent DumontNorth Melbourne03
Aaron YoungGold Coast22
Anthony Mcdonald-TippingwutiEssendon02
Callum MillsSydney22
Christian SalemMelbourne02
Dale ThomasCarlton02
Daniel MenzelGeelong22
Darcy ParishEssendon02
Jack WattsPort Adelaide22
Jake MelkshamMelbourne02
Jake StringerBulldogs02
Jamie CrippsWest Coast02
Jarrad McVeighSydney02
Jordan LewisMelbourne22
Josh ThomasCollingwood02
Lewis TaylorBrisbane02
Luke HodgeGWS02
Marc MurphyCarlton02
Mason CoxCollingwood02
Nick HaynesGWS22
Paul PuopoloHawthorn02
Paul SeedsmanAdelaide22
Richard DouglasAdelaide02
Ryan ClarkeNorth Melbourne22
Sam Powell-PepperPort Adelaide02
Tom CutlerBrisbane02
Tom McDonaldMelbourne02
Bachar HouliRichmond11
Billy HartungNorth Melbourne11
Brad SheppardWest Coast01
Brendon GoddardEssendon01
Brennan CoxFremantle01
Caleb DanielBulldogs01
Callum SinclairSydney01
Dan HanneberySydney01
Daniel RichBrisbane01
David ArmitageSt Kilda01
Eric HipwoodBrisbane01
Hayden CrozierBulldogs01
Harry MorrisonHawthorn01
Heath ShawGWS01
Hugh McCluggageBrisbane01
Jack BillingsSt Kilda11
James WorpelHawthorn01
Jarrod HarbrowGold Coast11
Jason JohannisenBulldogs01
Josh ThomasCollingwood11
Lachie WellerGold Coast01
Luke RyanFremantle01
Mason WoodNorth Melbourne01
Michael HurleyEssendon11
Mitch McGovernAdelaide01
Nick RobertsonBrisbane01
Orazio FantasiaEssendon01
Ricky HendersonHawthorn01
Riley BonnerPort Adelaide11
Ryan GriffinGWS01
Taylor WalkerAdelaide01
Tim MembreySt Kilda01
Todd GoldsteinNorth Melbourne01
Tom JonasPort Adelaide01
Will HaywardSydney01
Zach TuohyGeelong11

Round by Round Brownlow Predictions

Where to bet on the AFL & Brownlow

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