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How To Play Draftstars: Tips To Pick A Winning AFL Draftstars Team

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Daily Fantasy Sports has been making waves over the last couple of years and the fantasy sports leader in Australia for AFL is Draftstars. I’ll have a look at what it takes to pick a winning AFL Draftstars team and give you the tips and tricks so you can win big this year.

What is Draftstars?

Draftstars is a fantasy sports competition that runs on every game of the AFL, NRL, BBL, NBA and Football (Soccer) leagues. It is much like the popular Supercoach where you pick your team based on a salary cap of $100,000, the players you pick score points based on their possessions and tackles etc. The difference is, Draftstars is based on a single game or day and you can win money depending on the size of the competition you have entered. There are competitions on every game of the round and an extra one for the full Saturday round and the Full Sunday round. You can win massive money off small outlays. There are free competitions, $2 competitions, $15 competitions and a whole heap more. If you like supercoach, or want to make the footy more interesting to watch try out Draftstars this week.

Draftstars are continually expanding and adding more sports to their line up so they may have more sports available by the time you read this article.

You can find out more about Draftstars here.

Know how the points are scored

Marks, kicks, tackles and goals are gold in Draftstars, high posession players that can kick goals are a must pick while a dour defender who can give away free kicks is a must not! Power forwards score highly when they are on and kicking goals but when they are off they can cost you a spot in the money. High tackling midfielders are great because they can rack up 40 points without even touching the ball. Generally steer clear of small forwards, and look for teams that like to chip it around in the backline, this can rack up cheap points for marks and kicks off the half back.

Points Table:

Goal 6
Tackle 4
Kick 3
Mark 3
Handball 2
Hit Out 1
Behind 1
Free Kick For 1
Free Kick Against -3

How will the game go?

High Scoring? Low Scoring? Lop Sided? 

Figuring out how the game will play out is the first step to picking your team. If the game is likely to be lopsided you will want to stack your team with players from what is likely to be the winning team. You will still have to pick one of the players from the opposite team because you must have at least one player from each team.

If you believe the game is going to be low scoring, for example if the weather is forecast for heavy rain you will not want to pick any players that rely on marking and goal kicking to score their points because they are likely not going to take many marks or kick many goals. In these games stick to the hard nosed player who get in and under and lay a lot of tackles.

Know the Ceilings of Players

The ceilings are the maximum amount a player can score, if a player is out of form, has been getting tagged or is coming back from injury his price may be lower than what it should be. If you think he can get back to his top scoring ability and he is now underpriced, pick him. Say a gun power forward has been playing against the top teams with great defence, he would have likely scored below his capabilities in those games and his price may have dropped. If he is now playing a worse team with a weak defence he will more than likely get on the end of a few marks and goals and score above what he is priced. Same goes for midfielder who may be coming back from injury and hasn’t been his best, if you think he has been getting into the game more over the last couple of weeks and is under valued, pick him.

Is there a tagger? Is he likely to impact a gun player?

Fading (leaving a popular player out of your team) a gun player is a great way to gain points on your opposition, the taggers can severely impact a players scoring. Although most teams have a tagger there are usually only a couple throughout the league that are consistently shutting their opponents down. If there is a tagger in form, predict who he is likely to go to and don’t pick that player. This also applies to great defenders shutting down a forward player.

Positional and role changes

Keep your eye on the ins and outs to see if you can pick up on any positional or role changes that might occur. There may be a midfielder who has been scoring above his average because a better midfielder has been out of the team. Now that the better midfielder is back in the team the midfielder that had been performing above average might get less midfield minutes meaning he will more than likely score less points.

To pick a rookie or not?

Picking a rookie is a great way to get ahead in draftstars, it is crucial if you want to include guns in your team because it frees up the cash needed to buy the guns. Rookies that have never played a game are generally priced around $5,000 which then allows you to pick the most expensive player.

There are a couple guidelines to picking a rookie:

  1. If the player is TALL and 18 or 19 years old, stay away. Tall players take time to mature into AFL players so stay away if you want to be competitive in draftstars.
  2. Mature age rookies are a huge tick, if they are ready made, likely to get a run in the midfield, wings or flanks definitely slot them in.
  3. Google the rookie to see of you can find any form line of the rookie to see if he is a ball winner or not.

Picking a player returning from injury or an out of form gun

Prices of players fluctuate week by week in Draftstars and players who have been out of form will have reduced in price and are a possible gold mine, just ask yourself a few questions before picking them.

  1. Has the player been performing bad due to a permanent role change, if so don’t pick him.
  2. Has the player been getting more tagger attention and hasn’t been handling it, if so don’t pick him.
  3. Has the player been playing bad because their team has played better opposition, if they now have an easier game, pick him.
  4. Has the player been playing a lesser role due to returning from injury but has been improving each week, pick him.

Pick midfielders in forward and back positions

Generally mids get more of the ball meaning more points for your Draftstars team. If you see a midfielder named in the forward or back position in Draftstars you will be better off picking them than a permanent forward or back because on average they are more likely to score better than a permanent forward or back.

Know the Tacklers

With a tackle worth 4 points each it is crucial to know who is likely to be laying them because this will give you a head start, a player might lay 10 tackles giving them 40 points before even accounting for marks and posessions. There are a few elite tacklers in the AFL and knowing who they are is a key to draftstars glory, just check the stats at the AFL website to get up to date with the current best tacklers in the league.

1 Devon Smith Bombers 186
2 Elliot Yeo Eagles 168
3 Clayton Oliver Demons 166
4 Dayne Zorko Lions 160
5 Tom Mitchell Hawks 152
6 Liam Shiels Hawks 149
7 Scott Pendlebury Magpies 147
8 Hugh Greenwood Crows 145
9 Tim Taranto Giants 140
9 Jack Steele Saints 140
11 Patrick Cripps Blues 138
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Check back 30 minutes before the game

Half an hour before the game the teams will be finalised and Draftstars will put a green icon on all players confirmed in the team.

Make sure all of your players are green!

Pick the Golden Goose

There are usually a couple of players who drastically outperform their average, picking these players will see you near the pointy end of the leaderboard. Using the tips above can help you find these players but sometimes they just pop out of the blue and have the game of their life.

Luck must be on your side

Lastly, luck is a big element to winning, but not so much contending. To get the win you will have to beat out thousands of players so luck will play a large part in this, but doing your due diligence should see you get in the money in most contests because a lot of players will just pick their teams without a great deal of thought.

Good luck with your draftstars adventures, if you are not already signed up to draftstars, use the link below and sign up today.

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