Topbetta Review

TopBetta Review

Topbetta launched in 2013 and is based in Newcastle, NSW.  Topbetta offers standard sports and racing betting markets however what sets them apart from other bookmakers is their unique betting tournaments.

The tournaments are structured as you deposit a nominated amount to enter and you compete with fantasy money (Betta bucks).  At the completion of the nominated tournament participants receive a percentage of the prize pool in real cash.  With the rise in popularity of fantasy sports around the world this could be right up your alley.

The benefits of tournament betting is you place your stake to enter and can easily track your spending while betting on every race if you wish.


  • Betting Tournaments – TopBetta point of difference is definitely their unique tournaments. Their racing and sports betting tournaments allow you to compete against other punters just like you, not the bookie. TopBetta betting tournaments are for anyone on any budget.
  • Mobile App – A well designed App which ensures easy navigation and tracking of tournaments and other bets.
  • $0.01 Minimum online wager – Catering for all punters you can wager a bet as small as you like with TopBetta
  • Protest Payout – No matter what the out come of a protest in horse racing you get paid upheld or dismissed.

How To Play A Tournament

 How It Works