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Sandown Speed Star Series: Greyhound Tips 16/9/18

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We have the Speed Star Series back at Sandown Park today, Sunday 16/9/18. This is a unique head to head format where 2 dogs will face off in a match race. You can bet on the winner of the head to head match or the winner of the race which is made up of the 4 match races. The overall Speed Star race winner is decided by the dog with the quickest time. I have had a look at each match in the Speed Stars series and have predicted the result of each match race.

Sandown Speed Star Race 1

Match 1 (5:39 AEST)

Even race here between Dr Mino and Hasten Slowly. Dr Mino had a slightly better qualifying time and is the outsider in this race at $2.20, no reason why he can’t win.

Tip- 2. Dr. Mino – $2.20 @ Ladbrokes

Match 2 (5:46 AEST)

Slingshot Whippa and Barooga Brett battle it out over the 515m race. Once again i’ll be going with the quicker qualifying time here of Slingshot whippa.

Tip – 4. Slingshot Whippa – $1.70 @ Ladbrokes

Match 3 (5:56 AEST)

Black Mumbo takes on Waleonjon in match 3. Black Mumbo has the inside with superior early pace, should be able to hold Waleonjon out early and run the race out.

Tip – 5. Black Mumbo – $2.05 @ Ladbrokes

Match 4 (6:05 AEST)

It’s Bernardo and Wynburn Cutie in Match 4. Bernardo is the raging favourite here because he’s quicker out of the box and can run out the distance.

Tip – 8. Bernardo – $1.45 @ Ladbrokes*

Predicted Speed Star Race 1 Winner – 8. Bernardo – $3.60

Sandown Speed Star Race 2

Match 1 (6:12 AEST)

Tornado Tears is unbackable here at $1.10, will probably run a time in the high 33’s and will be too good in this one.

Tip- 1. Tornado Tears – $1.10 @ Ladbrokes

Match 2 (6:19 AEST)

Same as match 1 in this race, Zaras Entity will likely run 34 seconds flat and be too good.

Tip – 3. Zara’s Entity – $1.25 @ Ladbrokes*

Match 3 (6:26 AEST)

Dyna Chancer will be tough to beat in this one, another at unbackable odds though.

Tip – 5. Dyna Chancer – $1.14 @ Ladbrokes*

Match 4 (6:36 AEST)

Neo Cleo is my pick in the last match of race 2. Is superior out of the box and should set up a good lead early, this race will come down to the wire but Neo Cleo should be able to hang on.

Tip – 7. Neo Cleo – $2.00 @ Ladbrokes

Predicted Speed Star Race 2 Winner – 5. Dyna Chancer – $13

Sandown Speed Star Race 3

Match 1 (6:46 AEST)

Poke the bear should be too good here.

Tip- 2. Poke the bear – $1.35 @ Ladbrokes*

Match 2 (6:55 AEST)

Orson Allen takes on Dyna Patty, Orson Allen is clearly quicker early and should be able to hold out Dyna Patty down the straight.

Tip – 3. Orson Allen – $1.75 @ Ladbrokes

Match 3 (7:02 AEST)

My Redeemer has more early pace and was better in qualifying by .1 of a second, will have to get around Morris Minor but should be able to do it.

Tip – 6. My Redeemer – $1.70 @ Ladbrokes

Match 4 (7:11 AEST)

Both paying $1.90 in this race and that is spot on, will almost be a dead heat this one. I’ll be taking Not Available though because it had a slightly quicker qualifying time.

Tip – 8. Not Available – $1.90 @ Ladbrokes

Predicted Speed Star Race 3 Winner – 8. Not Available – $8.50

Sandown Speed Star Race 4 (Stayers)

Match 1 (7:25 AEST)

Rippin Sam all day in this one but is only paying $1.14.

Tip- 1. Rippin Sam – $1.14 @ Ladbrokes*

Match 2 (7:32 AEST)

I have this as an even race and Billy’s Bake is paying $3.40, so I’ll be taking the value on Billy’s Bake.

Tip – 3. Billy’s Bake – $3.40 @ Ladbrokes

Match 3 (7:42 AEST)

Barcali should not lose this one and at $1.35 it is probably one to put in your multibets.

Tip – 5. Barcali – $1.35 @ Ladbrokes*

Match 4 (7:16 AEST)

Ebby Ripper should be able to tough this race out and be too strong down the straight.

Tip – 8. Ebby Ripper – $1.25 @ Ladbrokes*

Predicted Speed Star Race 4 Winner – 5. Barcali – $12.00

Sandown Speed Star Race 5

Match 1 (8:03 AEST)

West on Augie has the inside box and is slightly quicker in a fairly even race, should win.

Tip- 1. West on Augie – $1.40 @ Ladbrokes

Match 2 (8:10 AEST)

If Shadale can hold out Miriam it should be able to get the win.

Tip – 3. Shadale – $2.10 @ Ladbrokes

Match 3 (8:19 AEST)

Blue Striker has the better early pace had a quicker qualifying time and is in better form, should get the chocolates in this one.

Tip – 6. Blue Striker – $1.85 @ Ladbrokes

Match 4 (8:28 AEST)

Big Flood is the quicker dog here.

Tip – 8. Big Flood – $1.25 @ Ladbrokes

Predicted Speed Star Race 5 Winner – 1. West on Augie – $4.20

Sandown Speed Star Multibet

  • Bernardo
  • Neo Cleo
  • Poke the bear
  • Orson Allen
  • Barcali
  • Ebby Ripper
  • Blue Striker

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